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Here at Data Recovery Miracles we will do everything possible to attempt to recover your files. Filling this form out helps us get started with your evaluation. It will give both YOU and US a better understanding on what the service will probably end up costing. Be as detailed as you can, and if you dont know an answer, dont worry! We understand that alot of people may not have the understanding to give exact detail.

Start Your Free Evaluation

Start Your Free Evaluation

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Step 1: Fill Out the Form Above

We need to collect as much information as you can give us to be able to give you a preliminary quote on your Hard Drive Data Recovery. In the first section just pick the device that you need us to look at and click next. In the second we ask for your contact information like your name, email & phone number. This is only used to contact you to discuss the case. We do not send out newsletters or any spam like some other data recovery companies. In the third section we will ask you some details about your hard drive. Information like the capacity, file system, encryption, the data you need and any other details or story you can give us.  We understand that you may not know some answers or terminology so just fill it out to the best of your ability

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Step 2: We Reach Out To You

After we receive your information an expert will review it and get back to you with any further questions and then put together a preliminary quote on hard drive data recovery.  This quote will give you an idea of what type of pricing to expect with your data recovery service. This quote is based on the information you relay to us, so in some cases the quote may change if the situation appears differently then communicated. When we receive the drive we will be able to give you a final quote on data recovery once we physically access the drive in our lab. We try to be as upfront as possible with costs and want you to be fully onboard before shipping us anything.

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Step 3: Ship Us Your Drive

After you agree to have us work our data recovery miracles to save your data our representative will lay out the best options for packing and sending your drive.  We recommend using USPS since the boxes are free!  All you need to worry about it the packing material itself. Services like UPS and Fed Ex cost a bit more but they do offer a service to pack your drive for you as well.  Once you send your package you should get a tracking number to follow the delivery schedule.  One we receive your drive we will let you know when it is in our hands and depending on your service level we will get started in our lab!