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SD Card Recovery
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We need to collect as much information as you can give us to be able to give you a preliminary quote on your SD Memory Card Data Recovery. In the first section just pick the SD Memory that you need us to look at and click next. In the second we ask for your contact information like your name, email & phone number. This is only used to contact you to discuss the case. We do not send out newsletters or any spam like some other data recovery companies. In the third and fourth section we will ask you some details about your SD Memory Card. Information like the capacity, file system, encryption, the data you need and any other details or story you can give us.  We understand that you may not know some answers or terminology so just fill it out to the best of your ability.

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Step 2: We Reach Out to You


After we receive your information an expert will review it and get back to you with any further questions and then put together a preliminary quote on SD Memory Card data recovery.  This quote will give you an idea of what type of pricing to expect with your SD Memory Card data recovery service. This quote is based on the information you relay to us, so in some cases the quote may change if the situation appears differently then communicated. When we receive the drive we will be able to give you a final quote on SD Memory Card data recovery once we physically access the SD Memory Card in our lab. We try to be as upfront as possible with costs and want you to be fully onboard before shipping us anything.

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Step 3: Ship Us Your Drive


After you agree to have us work our data recovery miracles to save your data our representative will lay out the best options for packing and sending your SD Memory Card.  We recommend using USPS since the boxes are free!  All you need to worry about it the packing material itself. Services like UPS and FedEx cost a bit more but they do offer a service to pack your SD Memory Card for you as well.  Once you send your package you should get a tracking number to follow the delivery schedule.  One we receive your SD Memory Card we will let you know when it is in our hands and depending on your service level we will get started in our lab!

State Of The Art Tech

Specialized Equipment From Around The Globe
Mechanical Tools Created by Government Agencies
Electrical Equipment Perfected by Computer Scientists
Data Extractors Developed by Software Engineers
ISO Class 5 Clean Room Station for Mechanical Engineering
Custom Built Super Computers for Data Recovery
Proprietary Inventions to Make Miracles Possible

A Company You Can Trust

When your mailing your SD Memory Card with important files on it,  it can be a stressful event. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we always treat your device like it is one of our own.  Only one technician ever physically handles the SD Memory Card and sees the files that are on it. We have held a BBB A+ Rating for over 15 years and have been certified for over a year. Our staff has over 10 years of customer service awards and over 200 5 star google reviews.  The way we do business sets us apart even further from other companies. You can actually talk to who works on the SD Memory CardOther Data Recovery Companies do not allow that and you are just talking to a customer service representative.  Start your evaluation to learn more about how we are in business to help you!

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We have been An A+ BBB 15 Years
We have never had a complaint
Over 100 Businesses have trusted us with their IT Support
Over 6000 Residential Customers have trusted us with their tech needs

How Does Data Recovery Work?

The Most Important Fact to Understand Is That ALL SD Memory Cards FAIL

Sometimes there is a cause like a power surge other times one day it just doesn’t work. Luckily as long as it hasn’t been physically damaged most data is completely recoverable.  Saying that all it takes is one wrong move by you or a less experienced technician to really lower the possibility of a complete recovery. Every Case is Different but the Process is similar in the assessment of your SD Memory Card. Look above to get a basic timeline of events you should expect to encounter

How Much Will This Cost?

Always the second most important detail after whether the data can be saved is what will this cost you. The short answer is it really depends on a few factors:

1. The State Of SD Memory Card (Physically and Logically)
2. The Equipment Needed to perform the steps needed to access the Data
3. The Amount of Time it will Take our Specialist to reach a recovery outcome
4. The materials needed to successfully reverse engineer your device
5. How fast you need your case started and turned around?

SD Memory Card Issues

Common SD Memory Card Issues

SD Memory Card was Dropped or Smashed

Whether your SD Memory Card was dropped on accident or deliberately damaged by a physical attack it doesnt necessarily mean that the SD Memory Card can not be repaired enough to extract the data. We have had good luck with some SD Memory Cards that even have pieces missing. Bottomline we always try to save the data in any state of damage

SD Memory Card Contacts are Damaged

Whether your SD Memory Card’s connectors was damaged or cracked we have had experience repairing connections for most models and brands. This is one of the more common issues AND one of the more common data is lost forever misdiagnosis that local computer shops tell customers

Windows is Giving You Errors on your SD Memory Card

This can be the effect of a series of causes.  In most cases Data is completely retrievable especially if Windows gives you an error screen. We recommend that you stop using your SD Memory Card so that the issue does not get worse.

Mac Doesn't Show Your SD Memory Card

This also can have a variety of causes when it comes to an SD Memory Card. The data is recoverable especially if it has suffered no physical trauma. Our free evaluation should be able to determine the complexity of the data recovery.

You got a virus now your files are gone from your SD Memory Card

This is definitely a case by case situation when it comes to severity.  Some viruses just hide your files while other encrypt them and try to sell them back to you. Others just corrupt your SD Memory Card in which has they can be easily retrieved. We are computer security experts, we can assist with whatever the situation requires.

You Deleted Your Files from your SD Memory Card

In this situation recovery is always more possible the sooner we get the SD Memory Card after the deletion. The more you use the SD Memory Card the less chance we have to recover data that has been overwritten multiple times.

SD Memory Card Not Recognized

This usually means that the operating system AND motherboard (logic board) can not recognize the SD Memory Card.  A serious failure most certainly occurred and using the SD Memory Card any further could result in data loss.

The SD Memory Card is Beeping

Your SD Memory Card has had an electrical failure. More Specifically most likely your device has suffered the failure as well. Attempting to Save your SD Memory Card any further can cause total data loss.  In most cases we will need open up your SD Memory Card in the ISO certified clean room environment AND check components under a microscope. Begin an evaluation to get started

SD Memory Card Got Wet Now Doesn't Power On

When it comes to any type of liquid damage the first thing to do is to power off your SD Memory Card AND REMOVE IT. Continued power can cause further electrical surges and Channel Damage.  Even if you have gone through this, Data Recovery Miracles have developed several restoration methods that will allow us to rescue your data.

SD Memory Card was Damaged in a Fire or Explosion

Fire and heat are always a SD Memory Card and your data’s number one enemy. The can damage every component directly and indirectly.  There are special methods we employ to keep your SD Memory Card intact as we carefully access the damage and come up with a solution to attempt a recovery

SD Memory Card Brands

Brands of SD Memory Cards


SanDisk SD Card Memory | SanDisk Ultra SD
SanDisk Extreme | SanDisk Extreme Pro
SanDisk Extreme Plus | SanDisk Ultra Plus
SanDisk SDHC  | SanDisk SDXC
SanDisk Imagemate | SanDisk ImageMate Pro |
SanDisk Nintendo SD


Samsung SD Memory Card | Samsung Pro
Samsung Pro Plus | Samsung Evo
Samsung Evo Plus | Samsung Evo +
Samsung Pro + SD Memory Card
Samsung SDHC Memory Card
Samsung SDXC Memory Card


Kingston SD Memory Card
Kingston Technologies SD Memory
Kingston Canvas SD
Kingston Canvas Plus SD
Kingston Canvas React SD
Kingston Canvas React Plus
Kingston Canvas Select
Kingston Canvas Select Plus
Kingston Canvas Go
Kingston Canvas Go Plus
Kingston SDHC Memory Card
Kingston SDXC Memory Card


Sony SD Memory Card
Sony Tough SD Memory Card
Sony XQD Memory Card
Sony Tough CF Express
Sony V30 Memory Card
Sony V60 Memory Card
Sony Memory Stick Pro
Sony SDHC Memory Card
Sony SDXC Memory Card


Lexar SD Memory Card
Lexar SDXC Memory Card
Lexar SDHC Memory Card
Lexar 633x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar 800x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar 1000x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar 1667x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar 2000x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar 2933x Professional SD Memory Card
Lexar Professional 300x SD Memory Card


PNY SD Memory Card
PNY SDHC Memory Card
PNY Elite-X Memory Card
PNY Pro Elite Memory Card
PNY Premium Memory Card
PNY X-PRO Memory Card
PNY Elite X-PRO Memory Card
PNY Performance Memory Card
PNY High Performance Memory Card
PNY Elite Performance Memory Card


Verbatim SD Memory Card
Verbatim SDHC Memory Card
Verbatim Premium SDHC Memory Card
Verbatim SDXC Memory Card
Verbatim Premium SDXC Memory Card
Verbatim Premium SDXC Class 10
Verbatim Pro SDXC Memory Card
Verbatim Pro + SDXC Memory Card
Verbatim Pro UHS-I SDXC Memory Card


Transcend SD Memory Card
Transcend SDHC Memory Card
Transcend SDXC Memory Card
Transcend SDXC V30
Transcend SDXC V90
Transcend SDXC V90 II
Transcend SDXC 200X
Transcend SDXC 600X
Transcend SDXC 100I
Transcend SDHC Industrial Memory Card


Ritz Gear SD Memory Card
Ritz Gear SDHC Memory Card
Ritz Gear SDXC Memory Card
Ritz Gear Extreme Performance SDXC Memory Card
Ritz Gear VideoPro Memory Card
Ritz Gear VideoPro SDXC Memory Card
Ritz Camera Extreme Pro SDXC Memory Card

Synergy Digital

Synergy Digital SD Memory Card
Synergy Digital SDHC Memory Card
Synergy Digital SDXC Memory Card


Crucial SD Memory Card

Generic Brands

Gigastone SD Memory Cards
Adafruit SD Memory Cards
HME SD Memory Cards
Moultrie SDHC Memory Cards
FlashAir SD Memory Card
Micro Center SD Memory Card
AngelBird SD Memory Cards
No Brand SD Memory Cards