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I was ******! I had the mix due in three days and it was the last session on the contract with the label. Power surge fried my board, my pro tools rig, AND my external hard drive.  Nick got me up and running, rebuilt my rig, and got my files off my external AND Mac Pro. It was cheaper then buying new equipment and I got the mix to them the day it was due. They renewed my contract for 3 sessions and most importantly didnt find out about the s**t s**w! He also built a custom DAW for me a year later. Guy is a tech for producers and a pretty rad dude.

Local Audio Engineer

I lost all my old plugin files I couldn’t download again. Zepp was able to extract them from my bricked production computer and somehow found the license keys that I never wrote down just saved them in a file. I dont worry anymore because I got a guy!

Jason V.

I lost my ALL my audio collection AND playlists I had made for a summer of weddings. I was in a panic!  To redue all of it would have taken weeks. Called Zepp on a recommendation from another DJ company. He not only was able to get it ALL back, he made sure I was backed up properly. He was a DJ and you can tell he cares. Thanks again!

Wedding DJ

Data Recovery of Audio Files

Music Production takes time, more time then most people could ever begin to fathom. If you ever been working on a mix until the sun comes up, you know how devastating it is to lose work that you can never recreate the same again as before. Here at Data Recovery Miracles, we have been there, we know your pain and can offer our expertise in saving that art you created. The first fact you have to understand is that ALL DEVICES FAIL , even in the most pristine conditions. Having a proper backup plan is always paramount but sometimes even the backup fails. Luckily in most cases data can be extracted from a dead hard drive or SSD just as long as you have the right expert looking at your DAW. At Data Recovery Miracles , we have that expert, available to assist you with your audio project AND to keep it backed up properly in the future to save you from any future calamities. We also can help no matter the time frame, meaning if this just happened to last weeks vocals session or if you lost a perfect mix on a 20 year old hard drive in the closet that just doesnt power on.

We have over 25 Years of Experience in saving data from all type Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS), Custom Build Production Computers, and Production Laptops.  We have experience in Production, Performing, Studio Sound, Live Sound, and Music Management . We have been helping the music industry for years with any computer related issues. Our technical experience has been uniquely crafted to be a perfect combination a service that caters to the one of a kind lifestyle of a professional in the music business.

If you own a computer or device that you use for you audio work we have experience in saving data off of most major devices such as: Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, Laptops, Desktops, iMacs, Macbooks, Mac Pros. Not only do we have experience in saving data using both cutting edge advanced equipment and techniques we offer services to help you and your studio going forward with new technology and disaster plans to advert emergencies rather then tackle them again in the future.

Data Recovery Miracles was created to offer the musicians and professionals fair prices and above concierge level service to those who need it the most. We do not hide behind a sales team, our technicians talk to you offering REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE, not just office taught, cookie cutter, book learned methods. Techs like us do not post how to videos on the internet the just frustrate you further and more importantly make your situation even worse. We will do everything that is possible to recovery your data OR come up with a new method to rescue your audio files because We Care and We Can.

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Audio Data Recovery Senerios

Crashed Computer

It’s your first Production computer, it gave you a decade of use and you figure that its built well and it will work enough for your legacy production software that fits you like a glove at this point. For the last year during projects it has gotten slower and you started thinking about upgrading but the cost and the inconvenience of finding new plugins since old ones will not work with new software has held off the move.

Murphy’s Law comes into play and it doesnt bootup towards the end of a two week recording session.  Luckily you have a backup so you should be good…only issue is it hasn’t backed up on its own for 3 months AND you haven’t done a manual backup for a year! Buying a new computer and software is on the table however even if you max a credit card out you still are out a recording session and more important your sound is locked in those plugins that you never backed up. You can give out free session time, re-record everything, and lose more money then you made in the last two months or you can try to find someone to fix this thing or at the very least save your audio files. You took it to a local computer shop and they tell you, they can’t help but you can send it away to a Data Recovery Company. You get a quote that is crazy and has a large possible estimate window and now you don’t know what to do.

At Data Recovery Miracles we can recover the music files and plugins you lost so you get can get your sound back!

Dead External Hard Drive

You know Computers crash, so you have a backup drive. You backup every session everytime you close out Pro Tools. You never save you file on the working drive since you know it is going to fail one day. You think your External Hard Drive will live forever like the Highlander but unfortunately the truth is ALL HARD DRIVES DIE. 

Your External Hard Drive always goes out at the worst times. When your in the middle of recording, end of mixing, or the day before your about to start a project.  Here at Data Recovery Miracles we can help you recover the backup that was actually for the most part your working drive so that you can get back to making music!

Apple iMac | Apple Macbook Pro | Apple Mac Pro DEAD

You got the best equipment money can buy, you have a professional setup, you are paid well for recording music, and surely you have a plan if any of it goes out. Except when it does you realize that you have never saved your files correctly and you only realize it when your done migrating or importing your backups.  Your Original Files are on the Dead Apple that its under the table in your studio and you cant get at them.

At Data Recovery Miracles we can help professionals get back what they lost and also offer a consultation on your backup plan and even build you your next Digital Audio Workstation!

Audio Editing Data Recovery

Avid Pro Tools

Logic Pro

Ableton Live

Presonos Studio One

Cockos Reaper



Acid Music Studio

FL Studio


Music File Audio Data Recovery

Step 1: Start an Estimate


We need to collect as much information as you can give us to be able to give you a preliminary quote on your Music File Data Recovery. Whether it be a production computer crashing, a external hard drive failing or a folder of priceless music files being lost in your computer or a flash drive here at Data Recovery Miracles we have the equipments and experience to save the day! Scroll to the bottom of the website to get started on your Music File Data Recovery Job! We understand that you may not know some answers or terminology so just fill it out to the best of your ability. We all understand the pain of losing a mix or a discontinued plug-in the feeling of loss that goes along with losing audio files like these.

Client Miracles Rep

Step 2: We Reach Out to You


After we receive your information through your estimate, an expert will review it and get back to you with any further questions and then put together a preliminary quote on music file data recovery.  This quote will give you an idea of what type of pricing to expect with your data recovery service. This quote is based on the information you relay to us, so in some cases the quote may change if the situation appears differently then communicated. When we receive the device we will be able to give you a final quote on data recovery once we physically access the hard drive in our lab. We try to be as upfront as possible with costs and want you to be fully onboard before shipping us anything.

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Step 3: Ship Us Your Drive


After you agree to have us work our data recovery miracles to save your data our representative will lay out the best options for packing and sending your device.  We recommend using USPS since the boxes are free!  All you need to worry about it the packing material itself. Services like UPS and Fed Ex cost a bit more but they do offer a service to pack your device for you as well.  Once you send your package you should get a tracking number to follow the delivery schedule.  One we receive your hard drive we will let you know when it is in our hands and depending on your service level we will get started in our lab!

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