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Malware Data Recovery

Malware Data Recovery

Malware Data Recovery

Malware Infections are a very serious threat to your Hard Drives & SSD Drives and affect both Apple and Windows based Computer Systems. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we are experts in data recovery for both Apple Malare Data Recovery and Windows Malware Data Recovery. We can overcome most problems Malware can cause and be able to retrieve at least some of your data if not all of it. Malware can run routines that can damage your data a few different ways.  The most common issue we run into is malware deleting or at the very least misplacing your data.  The most serious issue Malware can cause is in the form of a type called Ransomware(you can read about it in the below section).  What this form of malware does is it encrypts your data and leaves you a ransom note demanding you pay to get your files. Luckily here at Data Recovery Miracles we are experts at decrypting files. If you need help contact us!

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Malware Data Recovery Process

The Malware Data Recovery Process is for the most part very straight forward with some exceptions with more complex cases.  First Step always is to fill out our Malware Data Recovery evaluation form and start communication with us regarding your recovery.  We will get back to you as soon as we can to confirm and/or clarify information that you have sent us.  Next we will come up with an pre-evaluation quote range that will give you a better idea on what the service will cost before you send us your hard drive, ssd drive, or computer.  If you agree to give us a try, you send us the device or computer system and we will confirm we receive it when it is in our hands. Depending on the service level you pick we will get started with the assessment of the state of your hard drive, ssd drive, or computer.  After the assessment is complete with your Malware Data Recovery we will give you a estimate for a recovery service.

Secure Data Recovery

Malware Data Recovery Results

Technicians at Data Recovery Miracles will exhaust all options when recovering your precious files from your hard drive, SSD Drive, or computer system.  When we have done everything we will send you a website link that will securely allow you to access your folder / file list to see if we got what you need.  At that point you can decide to ether go ahead with the recovery or to not go forward at all. If you do allow us to perform a miracle we will transfer your data to a medium of your choice that you can purchase or you can send us one when you send in the your device.  We will save your files, pack your external recovery hard drive and ship it back to you.  The shipping price will be included in the final estimate. We will hold your files on our server for a few days after you receive your recovered data and then securely delete everything for your privacy and safety. We will of course check on everything first before hitting the delete button.

Common Types of Malware

A more common scam going around the internet doesnt even start with a malware infection.  You get a fake pop-up on a website you found though a search and before you know it a red screen comes up claiming to be microsoft and that you have errors or viruses.  They give you a number to call and before you know it your talking to a scammer in India or another place where your local laws do not apply. They usually have you download a free remote support program and before you know it you let the enemy in and they go ahead and mess your system up, sell you a support package and you think you fixed the problem.  Only thing is, is that they now have access to your system and can steal information like social security numbers and in some cases infect your computer with some type of ransomware that encrypts your files.  Usually comes with a ransom note that sends you to a dark website that demands you pay bitcoin with a countdown timer before the next price increase. If this happens to you shut your computer down immediately. Fill out the form above and get in touch with one of our experts.

Adware is one of the most bothersome developments in the the modern era of the internet.  It used to be more harmless and irritating then dangerous but unfortunately times have changed. Some of the more series adware infects drops (downloads) a keylogger onto your machine that records everything you type. This originally was just used for targeted advertising, (IE: you lookup baseball and now you see advertisements for jerseys and bats popup everywhere) but now it is used for more nefarious purposes like stealing passwords. In some cases adware lets in even worse malware like ransomware and then before you know it you lost access to your files. If you start getting popup and ads showing up when your doing your daily internet searches it maybe in your best interest to have an expert check it out before some more serious damage will occur. If advertisements aren’t annoying enough sometimes ad blockers that are supposed to help you are actually adware. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we can also offer to remove the infection as well as recover files. Fill out the form above, let us know if we can be of service.

Much like adware, spyware started out as more of annoying then a serious risk.  Unfortunately now Spyware and Adware, are more often than not, are built exactly the same.  Much like a game of smoke and mirrors, the pop ads have you looking one way while a program installs in the background usually part of a group of programs called a package.  Once loaded you will usually have a keylogger component to steal data like passwords. There will also be what I refer to as “a task cleaner” that will hide it tracks from you and more importantly anti virus programs. The most important part of the package that makes it both dangerous and effective is a mode of extraction. In most cases it uses an open port in your firewall to send out a encrypted file with the information it has gathered. In some cases spyware is part of a targeted attack from a hacker or group. Good news for you is that we know all the tricks to be able to clean your device but more importantly to protect you going forward. This is something that no other data recovery company offers. We are different here at Data Recovery Miracles we are here to help you in a crisis and hopefully help you overt future issues with spyware.

Viruses more dangerous its ability to spread across systems on the same network and now across the entire internet.  It uses all of the characterizes of I outlined in Adware and Spyware and takes it up a notch so to speak.  What makes todays viruses so dangerous is the share amount of transmission venues it uses to spread across the internet.  The most used method today seems to be through file sharing and torrent websites.  The most famous one you have heard of would most likely be Napster.  Users looking for free music and programs, that are illegal downloads in most countries, download them to their machines and then open them. What ensues is that you have downloaded a type of virus called a trojan. All that means that it has more inside then what you intended to download. There are hundreds of different varieties of methods they use, to numerous to name in a short description but they are there for three reasons.  To inflict HARM on an infected system, Steal your Data, and then use your computer to SPREAD to more machines. If you suspect you have a virus and your data is corrupted or missing reach out to us, we are here to help!

If you suspect you have caught a Ransomware infection POWER OFF YOUR COMPUTER. Ransomware is by far the most malicious type of malware out there. It follows many of the other avenues of viruses but is specifically designed to seek out important user files, Encrypt them with a private key, and then generate ransom notes on affected folders to extract money from a victim. Ransomware as recently become available as downloadable programs that can be customized by criminals to infect certain system and even set up payment gateways so that a novice can now own their own ransomware. Amazingly this development is actually good news for you as these programs can easily (by an expert) be reverse engineered to regain access to lost files. Unfortunately in some cases poorly written versions can actually delete important encryption information that makes the files inaccessible by both the hacker and you.  This is why it is VITAL that you try and power your machine off as soon as you realize that something is not right. If we catch it in time we can get those files back, let us know if we can be of service.

For the Most part, hacker attacks are really more directed as large businesses and government agencies and not very common for regular computer users. Unfortunately some scammers use language that make it seem like you have been specifically selected for their villainous plans but for the most part you are just unlucky and ether contacted fake tech support or downloaded a virus from an email attachment. However in some cases an outside party has hired a “black hat” hacker to penetrate your system and inflict damage or steal data or customer files from you.  The paradox to this is that if they are truly skilled you will never know it happened and they will cover their tracks. In some cases they will leave clues that are left on purpose to blame another party other then themselves. The only way to handle a hacker attack is to have your networks security reviewed. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we can work with your current IT Staff to restore files that may have been deleted or encrypted especially if a ransomware attack was involved. Contact us today for support and recovery options.

Testimonals & Reviews

I had a Samsung EVO 870 SSD that recently "bricked" after a power outage. Nick has been a great help not only with recovering the vast majority of my files (including personal photos I forgot to back up), but with recommending alternative storage routes as well as being transparent about the process/pricing involved with recovering files. Trust Nick with any data recovery or PC building endeavors. He is the real deal!

Dave T 

Nick is a tenacious tech wizard when it comes to recovery. I gave him a challenge where I had my thesis work on a drive that was probably 20 years old. He pulled some tricks out of his hat, replaced some parts, and got it to work! And, he loved the challenge. Definitely the right kind of guy you want doing work for you.

Jason F

I had a WD external hard drive that failed. Nick was informative and in communication about diagnosing the problems and potential cost. I made an appointment and he was thorough both on the phone and at pickup. As a government employee, I trusted him to recover my data (which he predicted he would be able to but with some labor intensive work). He successfully saved 171G of data, all of it. I would highly recommend his services.

Heather F

My external hard drive crashed with almost a terabyte worth of irreplaceable photos, videos and music. Brought it to a few places, including the "geek squad" but none of them could do anything with it. Nick was reassuring right from the start and got every last kb off of the damaged HD. A pleasure to do business with you Nick. You now are my go to tech guy.

John R

Nick was able to retrieve tons of our family photos from an old external hard drive for us. He also cleaned up our home computer to get it working much faster. He was professional and prompt in all our dealings with him. A real pleasure to work with!

Barbara L

My hard drive crashed, and my tech guy said he could not recover the data. I had a ton of stuff on there, ranging from personal to professional to volunteer to pictures etc. I went to Nick at Data Recovery Miracles, and he was able to recover all of my data. In addition, he was very eager to answer questions and offer advice going forward. I am very glad I found Nick, he is very friendly and very professional! Major headache resolved!

Pete J

Nick was terrific to work with. I brought in an external hard drive that had been dropped and was no longer being recognized by my computer. This drive had thousands of pictures and videos dating back decades. Nick worked tirelessly to recover over 99% of the content. He also provided great insights on how to avoid this in the future, was extremely transparent in the work being performed, and charged a fair price given the extraordinary effort it took on his part. Nick was the right guy for the job and delivered way above our expectations!

Joe L

Nick is amazing - in so many ways - so if you just read the first sentence of this review, know that you are in EXCELLENT HANDS that truly care about you, your data, and your memories / business! (Longer Review on Google Reviews)

NightOwls Media

I had an issue with my gaming computer whereby I experienced freezing and other problems. Nick did an excellent job diagnosing the problem as a defective PCIe SSD. Nick is very professional and knowledgeable on computers. He is responsive and friendly. And the quality of his work is top notch. I would recommend him to anyone with a computer problem.

Mike M

Nick has been a lifesaver time and time again. Backed into a corner after spending days scanning images and my hard drive crashed, Nick came through with a new hard drive and recovered data and I was back in business. From his immense knowledge to his innovative solutions, he has been an invaluable service.

Patricia F

Losing my hard drive was bad but Nick made the experience a whole lot better. Nick was so nice and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone, AND his prices are very fair. Thanks Nick!

Nancy F

After my husband passed away unexpectedly, taking the administrator’s password for our Mac desktop with him, I searched for months without success to find someone who could recover and reset the password, recover files I had lost, clean out malware, upgrade and add programs, and save our failing hard drive. I finally chanced upon Nick in a Google search, and he proved to be a miracle worker who was able to accomplish all these things. He worked tirelessly on looking for and finding files I thought I had lost forever. Best of all, he took his job to heart. He kept in constant communication with me, explained what he was doing each step of the way, and made me feel that bringing my Mac back to life was as important to him as it was to me. And on top of it, he is an honest, fair, and kind person. I cannot thank him enough, or recommend him more highly.

Josette S

Nick was great. My laptop with kids pictures, video, files, & iPhone data- were on my laptop which crashed. He came to my house picked it up gave me a ton of advice. The very next day he brought back my laptop to my house and the lost data was recovered and placed on a back up storage device. It was great service, hassle free, headache free, and very well priced.

Mo K

I drove to meet Nick and gave him the computers, etc.  That night he told me what he had found, basically he was able to fix everything, recover my lost data, which included many pictures I was afraid I had lost.

Chris Noonan

He got all my data back. Did it quickly. Very easy to work with.

Daniel N

Nick is the best! Whenever I'm having a tech issue, he's the only guy I trust to get me back up and running. You won't be disappointed with the great service & results you'll get.

Bill Bedsole

Great company, Nick Z. is responsive, reliable, extremely competetive and he really cares. I dealt with Nick for hard drive recovery and recommend him to anyone needing any type of computer services.

Nick L

Nick was personable and great to work with. He’s very careful and up front with what he’s doing with your data so it was easy to trust him. I came to him not knowing what to expect and he explained every step so that I could make an informed decision of what I wanted to do with my drive. If I have other tech problems in the future I will for sure go to him. Thanks Nick!

Katie C

Saved my external hard drive after it stopped working and was able to recover the files. Very easy to work with and up front with the details- highly suggest!

Sarah F