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Malware Data Recovery Service

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We need to collect as much information as you can give us to be able to give you a preliminary quote on your Malware File Recovery. In the first section just pick the Device or Computer that you need us to look at and click next. In the second we ask for your contact information like your name, email & phone number. This is only used to contact you to discuss the case. We do not send out newsletters or any spam like some other data recovery companies. In the third and fourth section we will ask you some details about the Malware Infection on your hard drive or computer. Information like the capacity, file system, encryption, the data you need and any other details or story you can give us.  We understand that you may not know some answers or terminology so just fill it out to the best of your ability.

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Step 2: We Reach Out to You


After we receive your information an expert will review it and get back to you with any further questions and then put together a preliminary quote on Malware File Data Recovery.  This quote will give you an idea of what type of pricing to expect with your Malware file data recovery service. This quote is based on the information you relay to us, so in some cases the quote may change if the situation appears differently then communicated. When we receive the drive we will be able to give you a final quote on Malware file data recovery once we physically access the hard drive or computer in our lab. We try to be as upfront as possible with costs and want you to be fully onboard before shipping us anything.

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Step 3: Ship Us Your Drive


After you agree to have us work our data recovery miracles to save your data our representative will lay out the best options for packing and sending your hard drive, ssd, computer, or laptop.  We recommend using USPS since the boxes are free!  All you need to worry about it the packing material itself. Services like UPS and FedEx cost a bit more but they do offer a service to pack your solid state drive, laptop, computer or hard drive or you as well.  Once you send your package you should get a tracking number to follow the delivery schedule.  One we receive your Laptop, Computer, SSD, or hard drive we will let you know when it is in our hands and depending on your service level we will get started in our lab!

State Of The Art Tech

Specialized Equipment From Around The Globe
Mechanical Tools Created by Government Agencies
Electrical Equipment Perfected by Computer Scientists
Data Extractors Developed by Software Engineers
ISO Class 5 Clean Room Station for Mechanical Engineering
Custom Built Super Computers for Data Recovery
Proprietary Inventions to Make Miracles Possible

A Company You Can Trust

When your mailing your device with important files on it,  it can be a stressful event. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we always treat your device like it is one of our own.  Only one technician ever physically handles the hard drive and sees the files that are on it. We have held a BBB A+ Rating for over 15 years and have been certified for over a year. Our staff has over 10 years of customer service awards and over 200 5 star google reviews.  The way we do business sets us apart even further from other companies.  You can actually talk to who works on the deviceOther Data Recovery Companies do not allow that and you are just talking to a customer service representative. Start your evaluation to learn more about how we are in business to help you!

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We have been An A+ BBB 15 Years
We have never had a complaint
Over 100 Businesses have trusted us with their IT Support
Over 6000 Residential Customers have trusted us with their tech needs

How Does Data Recovery Work?

The Most Important Fact To Understand Is That ALL DRIVES CAN GET INFECTED WITH MALWARE.


Sometimes there is a cause like a power surge other times one day it just doesn’t work. Luckily as long as it hasn’t been physically damaged most data is completely recoverable.  Saying that all it takes is one wrong move by you or a less experienced technician to really lower the possibility of a complete recovery. Every Case is Different but the Process is similar in the assessment of your device. Look above to get a basic timeline of events you should expect to encounter when it comes to malware file recovery

How Much Will This Cost?

Always the second most important detail after whether the data can be saved is what will this cost you. The short answer is it really depends on a few factors:

1. The State Of Device (Encrypted / Deleted)
2. The Equipment Needed to perform the steps needed to access the Data
3. The Amount of Time it will Take our Specialist to reach a recovery outcome
4. The materials needed to successfully reverse engineer your device
5. How fast you need your case started and turned around?

Fake Tech Support Agent

Fake Computer Service Company Popup

One of the more common scams going around the internet doesnt even start with a malware infection.  You get a fake pop-up on a website you found though a search and before you know it a red screen comes up claiming to be microsoft and that you have errors or viruses.  They give you a number to call and before you know it your talking to a scammer in India. They usually have you download a free remote support program and before you know it you let the enemy in and they go ahead and mess your system up, sell you a support package and you think you fixed the problem.  Only thing is, is that they now have access to your system and can steal information like social security numbers and in some cases infect your computer with some type of ransomware that encrypts your files.  Usually comes with a ransom note that sends you to a dark website that demands you pay bitcoin with a countdown timer before the next price increase. If this happens to you shut your computer down immediately. Fill out the form above and get in touch with one of our experts.

Adware Infection

Adware Infection

Adware is one of the most annoying developments in the the modern era of the internet.  It used to be more harmless and irritating then dangerous but unfortunately times have changed. Some of the more series adware infects drops (downloads) a keylogger onto your machine that records everything you type. This originally was just used for targeted advertising, (IE: you lookup baseball and now you see advertisements for jerseys and bats popup everywhere) but now it is used for more nefarious purposes like stealing passwords. In some cases adware lets in even worse malware like ransomware and then before you know it you lost access to your files. If you start getting popup and ads showing up when your doing your daily internet searches it maybe in your best interest to have an expert check it out before some more serious damage will occur. If advertisements aren’t annoying enough sometimes ad blockers that are supposed to help you are actually adware. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we can also offer to remove the infection as well as recover files. Fill out the form above, let us know if we can be of service.
Spyware Data Recovery

Spyware Infection

Much like adware, spyware started out as more of annoying then a serious risk.  Unfortunately now Spyware and Adware, are more often than not, are built exactly the same.  Much like a game of smoke and mirrors, the pop ads have you looking one way while a program installs in the background usually part of a group of programs called a package.  Once loaded you will usually have a keylogger component to steal data like passwords. There will also be what I refer to as “a task cleaner” that will hide it tracks from you and more importantly anti virus programs. The most important part of the package that makes it both dangerous and effective is a mode of extraction. In most cases it uses an open port in your firewall to send out a encrypted file with the information it has gathered. In some cases spyware is part of a targeted attack from a hacker or group. Good news for you is that we know all the tricks to be able to clean your device but more importantly to protect you going forward. This is something that no other data recovery company offers. We are different here at Data Recovery Miracles we are here to help you in a crisis and hopefully help you overt future issues with spyware.

Virus Data Recovery

Virus Infection

What makes a virus more dangerous its ability to spread across systems on the same network and now across the entire internet.  It uses all of the characterizes of I outlined in Adware and Spyware and takes it up a notch so to speak.  What makes todays viruses so dangerous is the share amount of transmission venues it uses to spread across the internet.  The most used method today seems to be through file sharing and torrent websites.  The most famous one you have heard of would most likely be Napster.  Users looking for free music and programs, that are illegal downloads in most countries, download them to their machines and then open them. What ensues is that you have downloaded a type of virus called a trojan. All that means that it has more inside then what you intended to download. There are hundreds of different varieties of methods they use, to numerous to name in a short description but they are there for three reasons.  To inflict HARM on an infected system, Steal your Data, and then use your computer to SPREAD to more machines. If you suspect you have a virus and your data is corrupted or missing reach out to us, we are here to help!

Ransomware Data Recovery Service


If you suspect you have Ransomware POWER OFF YOUR COMPUTER. Ransomware is by far the most malicious type of malware out there. It follows many of the other avenues of viruses but is specifically designed to seek out important user files, Encrypt them with a private key, and then generate ransom notes on affected folders to extract money from a victim. Ransomware as recently become available as downloadable programs that can be customized by criminals to infect certain system and even set up payment gateways so that a novice can now own their own ransomware. Amazingly this development is actually good news for you as these programs can easily (by an expert) be reverse engineered to regain access to lost files. Unfortunately in some cases poorly written versions can actually delete important encryption information that makes the files inaccessible by both the hacker and you.  This is why it is VITAL that you try and power your machine off as soon as you realize that something is not right. If we catch it in time we can get those files back, let us know if we can be of service.

Targeted Attack Hacker Recovery

Targeted Attack

For the Most part, targeted attacks are really more directed as large businesses and government agencies and not very common for regular computer users. Unfortunately some scammers use language that make it seem like you have been specifically selected for their villainous plans but for the most part you are just unlucky and ether contacted fake tech support or downloaded a virus from an email attachment. However in some cases an outside party has hired a “black hat” hacker to penetrate your system and inflict damage or steal data or customer files from you.  The “catch 22” to this is that if they are truly skilled you will never know it happened and they will cover their tracks. In some cases they will leave clues that are left on purpose to blame another party other then themselves. The only way to handle a targeted attack is to have your networks security reviewed. Here at Data Recovery Miracles we can work with your current IT Staff to restore files that may have been deleted or encrypted especially if a ransomware attack was involved. Contact us today for support and recovery options.

Mac Malware Data Recovery

I Think My Mac is Infected

Contrary to popular belief Apple Products CAN BE INFECTED BY MALWARE. Most apple computer users have loaded many other third party programs on to their macs that leave it more then open to malware infection through downloaded files or even Browser Help Objects on some of the more popular web browsers in use today.  If one of these malicious programs got onto your system and deleted files or rendered it unbootable with the question mark folder we can help.  Just fill out our free evaluation form and we will be in contact with you.

Deleted Files Data Recovery

Malware Deleted My Files

In this situation recovery is always more possible the sooner we get the device after the deletion. The more you use the device the less chance we have to recover data that has been overwritten multiple times. In alot of cases the coding in the malware is sloppy and it ether leaves alot of room for recovery or it makes it extremely difficult depend ont he time it has allowed to run freely.  We are here to help you with your lost files just fill out the form on the top of the page and an expert will contact you as soon as possible.