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So happy we found Zepps Computer Services! Nick was able to retrieve tons of our family photos from an old external hard drive for us. He also cleaned up our home computer to get it working much faster. He was professional and prompt in all our dealings with him. A real pleasure to work with!

Barbara Lewallen

After my husband passed away unexpectedly, taking the administrator’s password for our Mac desktop with him, I searched for months without success to find someone who could recover and reset the password, recover files I had lost, clean out malware, upgrade and add programs, and save our failing hard drive. I finally chanced upon Nick in a Google search, and he proved to be a Miracle Worker who was able to accomplish all these things. He worked tirelessly on looking for and finding files I thought I had lost forever. Best of all, he took his job to heart. He kept in constant communication with me, explained what he was doing each step of the way, and made me feel that bringing my Mac back to life was as important to him as it was to me. And on top of it, he is an honest, fair, and kind person. I cannot thank him enough, or recommend him more highly.

Josette Skelnik

Nick was great. My laptop with kids pictures, video, files, & iPhone data- were on my laptop which crashed. He came to my house picked it up gave me a ton of advice. The very next day he brought back my laptop to my house and the lost data was recovered and placed on a back up storage device. It was great service, hassle free, headache free, and very well priced.

Mo Kizilbas

I drove to meet Nick and gave him the computers, etc. That night he told me what he had found, basically he was able to fix everything, recover my lost data, which included many pictures I was afraid I had lost.

Chris Noonan

Data Recovery of Lost Family Photos

When we were kids our parents kept a photo album of all our important moments in life and kept it in the closet.  Safe from power surges, computer viruses, and hackers. In today’s world, parents keep their family photos on there phones, computers, cameras, and external hard drives. Many people think these are like the old photo albums and will keep indefinitely just as long as they are kept safe in the closet. Unfortunately this is far from true, ALL DEVICES FAIL , even with the most careful handling.  Luckily in most cases data can be extracted from a dead hard drive just as long as you have the right expert looking at your device. At Data Recovery Miracles, we have that expert, available to assist you and your family with putting that family album back together AND to keep it backed up properly in the future to save you from any future calamities. We also can help no matter the time frame, meaning if this just happened to last weeks vacation photos or if your loved one passed and had an 20 year old hard drive in the closet that just doesnt bootup, we can help retrieve the precious photos you thought were lost forever.

We have over 25 Years of Experience in saving data from all type of devices. From classic 386 IBM Computers to Custom Machines built with the latest technology, we have you covered. We also work with Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, Laptops, Desktops, iMacs, and Macbooks. Not only do we have experience in saving data using both cutting edge advanced equipment and techniques, but we have know how on the old methods that appeared in colored books and on the backend of old dial up BBS servers. This company was started to offer the public fair prices and above concierge level service to those who need it the most. We do not hide behind a sales team, our technicians talk to you offering REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE, not just office taught, cookie cutter, book learned methods. Techs like us do not post how to videos on the internet to ultimately have you call us anyway.  We are too busy saving family’s from the heartbreak of lost memories. We will do everything that is possibly known OR come up with a new method to rescue your photos because We Care and We Can.

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Photo Data Recovery Advice


If your Camera had got wet DO NOT TRY to power it on, it can make matters much worse. If you did try and power it on and it didnt turn on this is good news for your data it means it may not be corrupted. If it was dropped or water damaged, Always Remove the Memory Card if you can, separate it from the affected device. If Fire was involved best not to try and take it apart at all, let us handle it.

External Hard Drive

If you External Hard Drive isn’t recognising after repeated attempts STOP trying, it can make matters worse when dealing with Data Recovery. If your External Hard Drive is making noise, like clicking, buzzing, or grinding; Power It Down. It most likey is suffering from mechanical damage.  If it was submerged in water or has fire damage, DO NOT POWER IT ON

Apple Mac Products

If you want your data NEVER PERFORM A FACTORY RESET, unless you are 100% sure you have your data backed up in iCloud. If the Question Mark Folder appears on your iMac or Macbook Pro, this means that your hard drive or SSD couldn’t complete its boot up routine. It can indicate a failing hard drive and it is best not to run it into the ground.  With any fire, water, or physical damage. it is always best to power off your machine if it is still running. Because most apple products are not readily serviceable to it always best to take it into a trained expert to assess the damage safely without compromising data.

Microsoft Windows

Computers & Laptops

 If the computer doesn’t boot up this means that your system couldn’t complete its POST. It can indicate a failing hard drive or SSD and it is best not to run it into the ground.  When dealing with physical damage of any type whether it be drop, water damage, or fire/ heat damage it is best NOT to attempt to power up the machine, It can result in further data loss. This also is the same advice for Ransomware Infections. UNPLUG – BE SAFE 

Flash Drives or USB Drives

 If the computer doesn’t recognise the flash drive this means that your flash drives memory couldn’t be accessed. Any damage it has suffered remember the simple rule: UNPLUG IT

Family Photo Data Recovery

Step 1: Start an Estimate


We need to collect as much information as you can give us to be able to give you a preliminary quote on your Family Photo Data Recovery. Whether it be a camera dropped in the ocean, a external ahrd drive failing or a folder of priceless family photos being lost in your computer here at Data Recovery Miracles we have the equipments and experience to save the day! Scroll to the bottom of the website to get started on your Family Photo Data Recovery Job! We understand that you may not know some answers or terminology so just fill it out to the best of your ability. We all have family’s here so we understand the feeling of uncertainty that goes along with losing photos like these.

Client Miracles Rep

Step 2: We Reach Out to You


After we receive your information through your estimate, an expert will review it and get back to you with any further questions and then put together a preliminary quote on family photo data recovery.  This quote will give you an idea of what type of pricing to expect with your data recovery service. This quote is based on the information you relay to us, so in some cases the quote may change if the situation appears differently then communicated. When we receive the device we will be able to give you a final quote on data recovery once we physically access the hard drive in our lab. We try to be as upfront as possible with costs and want you to be fully onboard before shipping us anything.

Free USPS Shipping Box

Step 3: Ship Us Your Drive


After you agree to have us work our data recovery miracles to save your data our representative will lay out the best options for packing and sending your device.  We recommend using USPS since the boxes are free!  All you need to worry about it the packing material itself. Services like UPS and Fed Ex cost a bit more but they do offer a service to pack your device for you as well.  Once you send your package you should get a tracking number to follow the delivery schedule.  One we receive your hard drive we will let you know when it is in our hands and depending on your service level we will get started in our lab!

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